Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm planted their first vines planted in the 1980’s and have quickly risen to become an industry leader at creating traditional artisan vinegar’s. Located 3km’s from the Mediterranean Sea at Pla de Mar, Spain where the beautiful climate helps grapes mature quickly while producing this high quality vinegar.

Forvm Chardonnay.jpg



Forvm Chardonnay is unique in its kind. Soft, transparent and with a sweet touch, is ideal especially for fish and seafood-based dishes, although their possibilities are limitless. This Forvm, with “soleras” of 3 years, is made only with high quality wines from the Chardonnay variety and artisan acidification.

The result is a vinegar, ideal especially for fish and seafood, and creations with reductions to low fire. Its possibilities are endless. The result...surprising! 




Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon.jpg



Elaborated out of high quality wines from the variety Cabernet Sauvignon and artisan acidification, this bitter-sweet with more than 8 years of “solera”, will mark a reference for lovers of the best gastronomy.

The result is a great vinegar ideal for day by day use in the kitchen, for salads, sauces, fruits, ice cream, desserts, etc. Perfect to reduce to a simmer. 




Forvm Merlot.jpg


A vinegar that is born of our young wine made with the variety Merlot, and produced in our winery, without any aging in oak casks. Its violet color with reddish tones are very intense, and allow us to play with many dishes and presentations.

In  mouth it has a lively taste, with hints of red fruits, jam, strawberries, cherries... and a very typical reminiscence of our bitter sweet FORVM Vinegars. An ideal vinegar which brings color to salads and sauces, as well as for reductions for desserts, and in this way being able to turn your creations, unique dishes. 



Flavivs Reserva.jpg


From the initial soleras of 20 years of Forvm Cabernet Sauvignons, Flavivs is aged in oak casks inside barracks of “dry stone”, in the middle of our vineyards. It is a different sweet and sour vinegar and limited production, with a great personality and character, which includes notes resulting from its long aging and in which we can find concentrated the taste and aromas of the Mediterranean essence.