Did you know that Spain is the number one producer of Olive Oil in the world?

Thats right, Spain is at the head of the game when it comes to production, popularity and quality of Olive Oil. The creation of a good olive oil is more refined than you might think. Not to mention, Spain is also home to some of the world’s oldest olive trees. Much like a fine wine, its taste differs depending on region, climate

and the type of olive used to make it.    



In the country where people consume gallons of olive oil per year, it’s almost impossible to

find a plate without at least a few drops of liquid gold. Be it to add flavor to tostada at breakfast, dress

a salad at lunch or include in recipes for dinnertime, no Spanish kitchen would be complete

without a tall bottle of olive oil. The beloved aceite de oliva has been a part of the Spanish

diet for thousands of years.  







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