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Bodegas Tradicion Brandy Guarda Canton Solera Gran Reserva 36 700ml

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Product Details
Brand: Bodegas Tradición

Producer: Bodegas Tradición

Country / Region: Spain

Date brand was established: 1998

Alcohol Content / Volume: 36% / 700ml

Good to Know: Bodegas Tradicion is the only winery in the DO Jerez whose production focuses exclusively on the oldest wines and brandies which fall into the higher categories guaranteed by the Regulating Authority of wine and brandy.

In this case, Guarda Canton Solera Gran Reserva 36 is the youngest of the brandies they release . Its a 10 year old brandy aged in American oak casks which have previously contained very high quality oloroso sherry wines from Bodegas Tradicion. This spirit is aged using the traditional Solera and criadera system, exclusive and unique from Jerez.

It is great to drink on its own, but some people love mixing it with Coke Cola, lemon soda or soda water with a cube of ice.

Very refreshing, delicate, and light. Should be poured in a large glass and consumed as an after lunch or dinner drink, with some salted delicacies such as peanuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, or roasted almonds.

The original company was founded in 1650, which hold the oldest of the sherry brands known to date. Tradicion is the newest wine project within the family after 11 generations. Focusing on very old sherry, not-chill filtered, not blended, not stabilized, not clarified, unsweetened, and with no addition of sulfates was a very unique and adventurous strategy indeed. Tradicion search for the purest style of classic sherry and aim to produce outstanding wines certified with more than thirty years of age or V.O.R.S. (Very Old Rare Sherry) or more than twenty years of age or V.O.S (Very Old Sherry).

Literature on the bottle: Guardacanton is the name of one of the paintings we have in our art Gallery in Bodegas Tradicion. Dated on the 18th century, Jiménez Aranda tried to represent the image of a gangster from the times. Guardacanton stands for the stone-built protection of outer corners of the buildings to avoid the impact of the carriages when turning into narrow streets. In this case, the gangster will protect the neighbourhood from robberies and other dangers.

This painting is indeed one of the most popular images from Bodegas Tradicion and identifies our brand and winery.

It has a warm scent which hints of hazelnut, caramel and marzipan. Its taste has notes of cinnamon fused with orange peel and tobacco. A very velvety palate with the soul of sherry and dates brought by the oak barrel.

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