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To our dear customers. To comply with PH regulation, some airlines that we use for transporting goods are prohibiting the transportation of "PORK" products to Visayas and Mindanao due to the (ASF) African Swine Fever/Flu.


If you are located in these areas and are planning to order any "MEATS", kindly contact us first so we can confirm if we are able to deliver to your place.

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Kuromatsu Senjo Sankeinishiki Migaki 40 Sake 720ml

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Product Details
Brand: Senjo Brewery Co., Ltd

Producer: Senjo Brewery Co., Ltd

Country / Region: Japan, Nagano Prefecture

Date brand was established: 1866

Alcohol Content / Volume: 16% / 720ml

Sake Classification: Junmai Daiginjo

Rice Polishing Rate: 40%

Rice Varierty: Sankeinishiki

Ingredients: Rice, Rice koji

Serving Temperature: Serve at below 10°C

Storage Tips: Keep in a cold and dark place.

Good to Know: The Kuromatsu Senjo Sankeinishiki Migaki 40 Sake is classified as “Junmai Daiginjo” category or also known as having the highest standards of rice milling rates down to 50% of the original size. The Sankeinishiki sake has a polishing rate of 40% with no alcoholic additives.

Nestled in the heart of Ina City in southern Nagano Prefecture, the esteemed Senjo brewery was established in 1866 by Matsujiro Kurokouchi. The timeless architecture and interior of the brewery is a testament to its rich heritage, boasting both beauty and classical elegance.

Senjo has remained unwavering in its mission over the years: to craft a premium sake representative of Nagano. Consequently, the local rice used to create their distinguished brands, “Kuromatsu Senjo” and “On a night like…”, is handpicked from trusted local farmers and rigorously polished in-house.

Yet, Senjo's tradition-rooted philosophy does not preclude the adoption of innovation. While manual methods characterized the brewery’s earlier days - from fermentation to pressing, the relentless march of technology has ushered in mechanized procedures, enhancing the quality of their sake in the process.

However, out of respect for their valued customers, one timeless tradition remains - the application of the labels continues to be a hands-on task, an enduring symbol of gratitude from Senjo to its patrons.

The Kuromatsu Senjo Sankeinishiki Migaki 40 sake has a ginjo aroma with the savory goodness of rice.

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