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To our dear customers. To comply with PH regulation, some airlines that we use for transporting goods are prohibiting the transportation of "PORK" products to Visayas and Mindanao due to the (ASF) African Swine Fever/Flu.


If you are located in these areas and are planning to order any "MEATS", kindly contact us first so we can confirm if we are able to deliver to your place.

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Luigi Guffanti Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 30 Months Wedge (Approx. 170g - 190g)

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Brand: Luigi Guffanti

Luigi Guffanti’s Parmigianno Reggiano is produced in the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia and Modena, harvested from cow’s milk from their own stables. These cows grazed by the high hills or mountains – a special feature for Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. These cheese get a very strong organoleptic qualities. Aged properly in the right locations for at least 30 months to develop the excellent features.

Aspect and Texture: A hard cheese with a grainy texture with a pale yellow color depending on the length of ripening.

Taste: Dry and intense with notes of herbs when cows that milk were extracted from fed on the pastures.

Serving Suggestion: Pair with bodied and aged red wines. Can also go with sparkling wines. It matches fresh fruit like pears and mustard pumpkin. Great with balsamic vinegar and homemade bread.

Luigi Guffanti started in 1876 where they first prepared Gorgonzola cheese. He bought an abandoned silver mine by intuition and later used its temperature and humidity that is constant all year round to mature the cheeses. At the beginning of 1900’s as he quickly captured the market, his sons Carlo and Mario took care of the exportation to as far as Argentina and California.

In recent times, Carlo and Fiori Guffanti continue to manage the business making sure to make their cheese in the best possible quality.

Serving Suggestion: Suits full bodied, aged red wines. Can be eaten with chestnut honey and rye bread.

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