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To our dear customers. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, some airlines that we use for transporting goods are suddenly prohibiting the transportation of "MEATS" to Visayas and Mindanao.


If you are located in these areas and are planning to order any "MEATS", kindly contact us first so we can confirm if we are able to deliver to your place.




Priorat Natur Arbequinas Olives 220g

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Arbequina olives are usually very fruity, quite tinny but full of flavor. These ones are cured for 3 to 4 months. They are firm and loaded with a bit of buttery flavor and high oil content.

It is the most popular olive in Priorat Region, Catalunya, Spain. Priorat Natur olives are hand harvested and made following traditional methods, water, salt and Mediterranean aromatic herbs. 100% Natural. You can enjoy there olives alone or use them as topping in your pizzas or salads!

Priorat Natur was born out of the need to perpetuate a tradition, a way of understanding life which is intimately connected with the changing seasons and their effects on the vegetation from the Priorat region.

In 1996, during a family dinner, they realized that many of the delights they were eating at that moment such as caramelized almonds, homemade jams and homemade olives were endangered. Obviously, they could pass the tradition from generation to generation, but this is what they had been doing so far and it had not been enough. Unfortunately, these products were becoming less well-known by the new generations.

Thus, what they had to do was to turn the tradition into a way of life and this is what Priorat Natur did. They tried to preserve their best traditions in a professional way and place them at the disposal of the whole planet! So, Txanton invites you to come into the world of Priorat Natur, a world of sensations and pleasure!

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