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To our dear customers. To comply with PH regulation, some airlines that we use for transporting goods are prohibiting the transportation of "PORK" products to Visayas and Mindanao due to the (ASF) African Swine Fever/Flu.


If you are located in these areas and are planning to order any "MEATS", kindly contact us first so we can confirm if we are able to deliver to your place.

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Tsurumi Brewery - Gazan Sake 720ml

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Product Details
Brand: Tsurumi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd

Producer: Tsurumi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd

Country / Region: Japan, Aichi Prefecture

Date brand was established: 1873

Alcohol Content / Volume: 16% / 720ml

Sake Classification: Junmai Daiginjo

Rice Polishing Rate: 35%

Rice Varierty: Yamadanishiki 100%

Ingredients: Rice , Rice koji

Serving Temperature: Serve at around 10°C

Storage Tips: Keep in cold and dark place.

Good to Know: The Gazan Sake is classified as “Junmai Daiginjo” category or also known as having the highest standards of rice milling rates down to 50% of the original size.

The inception of Tsurumi Sake Brewery can be traced back to the year 1873, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Teizo, an individual who ventured into the world of sake brewing from a dyeing business.

Preserving the traditional crafting methods indigenous to the Tsushima region, the brewery expertly blends the authenticity of manual production with contemporary quality control. The result is an exceptional, full-bodied sake that encapsulates the true flavor of rice. Keenly, they continue to contribute to the evolution of Japanese Sake.

Located at a strategic crossroads spanning the three Kiso rivers, Tsushima has thrived since the esteemed Kamakura period. This idyllic riverside area utilized its geographical benefits to build a prosperous industry. As a testament to its significance, during the era of the illustrious Owari warlord Oda Nobunaga, the region was fondly referred to as “Nobunaga’s kitchen”, marking Owari as a crucial commercial hub.

Further adding to its rich cultural heritage, is the Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival. This grand event, held steadfastly for over half a millennium, is believed to have been greatly admired by celebrated figures such as Nobunaga Oda and Hideyoshi Toyotomi. It stands today as a nationally recognized treasure.

The Gazan sake is brewed from 100% Yamada Nishiki rice which holds a rich flavor similar to fruit but brings out the umami of rice. Definitely a fragrant and flavorful sake.

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