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The First Acorn Gin Feature

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The creativity of Txanton 150 Acorns Gin has been recognized in Spain. Last Saturday, July 4, 2021 the popular monthly business magazine edition from Expansion newspaper, published an article about the magic and history of Txanton 150 Acorns Gin.

In collaboration with Castro y González and Oro del Desierto , an acorn nut and Arbequina EVOO based gin was born. The first of its kind - Txanton 150 Acorns Gin.

Read the Translated Article Below:




The ideal “perfect serve” of the Txanton acorn-fed gin, says Besay González, is “a pairing with a board of jamon Iberico, cold cuts and a great variety of cheeses”. Price: P3,895, 750 ml.

In the world of gin and tonic there are two sides. One side are the purists, clinging to a juniper base and the classic tonic. The other are the innovators, who do not have fear of experimenting with new botanicals and risky combinations. Here, comes a bottle that gets the perfect culmination between the Spanish flagship ingredients. "There are thousands of labels in the market, but not that many like this”, Besay González (Palma de Mallorca, September 15, 1982), the CEO of Txanton, the company who launched this innovative spirit. It is the first acorn gin on the market, made in collaboration with Castro y González, with a very subtle touch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. "Easy to drink from the first sip. Juniper predominates, stands out like in all gin, yet it is not that dry and very well balanced. It has a slight nuttiness thanks to the acorn nut. It is complex but character is not overwhelming so it makes it easy to pair with any fine food.” he describes.

It originated from the connection between Spain and the Philippines. Txanton wanted to commemorate the 150 years since the arrival of its founder and ancestor, the sailor Paulino Txanton Aboitiz from his Lekeitio (Vizcaya) native to Ormoc, a coastal town located in Leyte Island, in the center of the Philippine archipelago. “After starting a new life in 1871, he created businesses and they became prosperous over the years. “

LINKED TO JAMON. The first jamon (Jamoneria) shop in the Philippines was launched in 2015. "Yes Well, there were already importers of jamon, but we still felt so enthusiastic of developing a more gastronomic concept with all jamon varieties linked to consumption of fine wine and spirits”, says González from the Philippines. "In honor of Txanton," he continues, "we thought in throwing a bottle of gin that mixed 12 exotic botanicals, Arbequina EVOO from Oro del Desierto and 150 acorns carefully selected by Castro y González of its best pasture, in Guijuelo”. This meticulous selection attributes to the gin a very exclusive character: "We depend on the arrival of the main ingredients from Spain, and also the montanera (optimum period for the acorn nut) has its stage in November and there is a second milder between March and April. That’s why the production is very limited”.

EXCLUSIVE AND DISRUPTIVE. This is not a gin for massive consumption. “December of last year was the first release and now we are with the second batch. Each bottle is complicated to produce, it costs 3,895 pesos, which in exchange is about 65 euros in retail”. “It’s doing great among distinguished palates in the Philippines. It’s surprising and special. Importers have shown interest already, but considering that it’s a very exclusive product within of its own niche, will be very difficult to supply to the whole market”.

However, the effort of placing such a product in the market is fully worth. "Every business connected with Spanish products abroad have the duty to be a real ambassador. It's an educating role that takes time, on the one hand, to disseminate ours and that particular way of consuming it and, on the other, because you are usually received with hesitancy from competition due to fear of the unknown". “Our philosophy”, he relates, “has always been related with putting on stage with a little twist, very basic ingredients. We have created combinations that, of course, you may like or not. But, if there is history, hard work, good ingredients, consistency and passion you will always survive over the trends.

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