Tierras de Casa Blanca belong to the elite of Extra Virgin Oils for their conditions of origin. The surface dedicated to family farming is about 250 hectares, where they produce three varieties of olives: Picual, Arbequina, and Verdial Real.

Each resulting in a different oil defined  and optimum conditions for consumption as a single variety.

A culture taken care of which ensures high quality oils.    


Juan Nepomuceno de Contreras y Quesada, Twenty-fourth perpetual councilor of illustrious city council of Jaen, began to plant olive trees in the payments and lots of his estate Casablanca. The property in the family comes from the distribution of San Fernando that in the conquest of Jaen grants Juan de Contreras in 1361 diverse mills and possessions. Their arbequino olive grove is cultivated in modern trellis. This varietal extracted on the day of its collection, has demonstrated in jaen its best gastronomic results and fruit aromas to apple and fresh grass.



Fruity, fresh apple smell accompanied by softness and sweetness leaving at the end of an almond aftertaste. This variety in its composition is more delicate than the Picual. It is dense and fluid, sour and spicy at the beginning and sweet at the end.


Origin:  Jaén, Spain



Aromatic, fruity and slightly bitter and spicy. The latter two characteristics derived from natural antioxidants (polyphenols) that possesses high resistance to rancidity due to the significant amount of Vitamin E. Its aroma is of freshly cut grass and its color is intense yellow.


Origin:  Jaén, Spain

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