The last 30 years has seen a culinary revolution in Spain. This revolution has made Spain one of the most notable countries in the world. The Spanish are proud of the uniqueness, quality and varied products they offer.  However, there is one iconic and traditional product that has stood out for many, many generations as a favorite in Spanish gastronomy: Jamón. 


 Why? Because Jamón is more than a product... it is a feeling. 
..and TXANTON is all about passion. 


Jamón is the leg of the pig cured with salt and time-- as simple as that. There is no place in Spain where jamón is not the star of the show. It is in celebrations like weddings, birthdays, professional and formal gatherings, as well as meet-ups with friends. What is the truth and the emotion behind every jamón? PLEASURE. We eat jamónbecause there is pleasure in great food. 


It’s quite curious to say that in all these celebrations, the true stars are the professional jamón carvers. It is exciting to see their skills and concentration while they cut just as how a pianist caresses each piano keys with suave. Carving jamón is an artisan job of its own. People get enticed to witness a perfect jamón slice is nearly see-through and stays close to the jamón cutter to ensure they always get as many slices to satisfy their palates in every bite. 


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