Wine is more than a simple product of fermented juice of freshly picked grapes specific to winemaking.

Wine is for the senses. Good wine stimulates all senses. Great wine stimulates the intellect. And as with any great product, a better appreciation of it can be had with a better understanding. There is still a lot to learn about the world of wine and this is why we thought of TXANTON to be a reference and at the same time a destination for enjoying and  buying wines. 


That’s why, aside from the retail store, TXANTON offers a sophisticated tasting room that can be a venue to conduct wine courses, to taste, to pair wine with jamon, and basically to learn and to talk about the experience as we mentioned above. These seemingly small details create a great impact in the whole experience. 


Why?  Because Wine is the perfect match for jamón.


Our beliefs are influenced by the actions of this saying:


To advance in life, eat jamón and drink good wine.

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