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The perfect place to enjoy and to collect the best Wine, to immerse in the Jamon world and to experience the finest Gourmet

Hand Carved Jamon
Master Carver
Txanton Front Desk
Txanton Store Signage
Jamon Regions

It is where jamón and wine take center stage.  

A bastion dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of only the best of each, whether individually or paired together.  

The first space in the Philippines where you can learn everything there is to know about Jamón Iberico.  

An ideal venue for wine dinners, cocktails and other intimate events by those who share the same passion or simply want to know more about the world of jamón and wine. 


La Tienda

The Txanton shop has three main areas. Up front is  La Tienda (The Store), where you can find a huge selection of wines, jamones, cold cuts and olive oils to bring home, purchase as gifts, or to feast on the spot.


La Tienda - Txanton
Txanton Dining and Store
Txanton Jamon Leg
Txanton in store look
Dining in Txanton
Display of Txanton Products
La Tienda view

La Gran Añada

La Gran Añada (The Great Vintage) is where you can enjoy a unique dining experience with a collection of 1,500 fine wines from our cellar to choose from. This room can accommodate up to a maximum of 10 for a jamon tasting, wine pairing with expert guidance, and with dishes prepared by our state-of-the art full-service kitchen.


La Gran Añada - The Great Vintage at Txanton

La Sala De Cata

The third room, the La Sala De Cata (The Tasting Room), can seat up to 12. Both rooms provide a classy dining experience but here, you can expand your knowledge and appreciation. We offer a relaxed and casual environment specifically made for tasting and sharing wine, jamon, olive oil, and caviar. While it is a space meticulously designed for learning, it is also ideal for intimate corporate and social gatherings.


La Sala De Cata - Txanton Tasting Room


A Cave experience with the maximum privacy that leaves you undisturbed by technology. No internet, no signal. Back to our roots. A place of dining, drinking and talking. This room can comfortably fit up to 8 guests.

A relaxed setting where you can move freely. Only one server that will busk in and out so you are left on your own personal space.

Membership Wine Lockers

The Membership Wine Locker is an exclusive membership for wine collectors who are in need of additional storage for their finest wines. These lockers are guaranteed kept at the perfect temperature and humidity for the wines to age and rest in the right conditions.

Txanton Olive Oil
Txanton's Vision
Txanton's Mission

Our goal is to offer the widest and finest selection of wines, jamon and
other premium products with the aim of enjoying them
in the unique and conducive environment of our store.
We aim to share our expertise and
passion and with our clients and to inspire them to seek only the finest gastronomic products.





TXANTON aims to be the reference in the rapidly expanding wine
and jamón retail market in the Philippines.
We envision ourselves as the jamoneria in the country paired with
one of the most exclusive wine cellar-collections that continues to evolve and surprise connoisseurs and enthusiasts from all around the world.
We believe in offering a unique experience with every visit, 
transforming every customer into a loyal patron of our brand.

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