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Extra virgin olive oil and aged wine vinegar are two of the building blocks of Spanish cuisine.

Did you know that Spain is the number one producer of Olive Oil in the world?

That's right, Spain is at the head of the game when it comes to production, popularity and quality of Olive Oil. The creation of a good olive oil is more refined than you might think. In the country where people consume gallons of olive oil per year, it’s almost impossible to find a plate without at least a few drops of liquid gold. Be it to add flavor to tostada at breakfast, dress a salad at lunch or include in recipes for dinner time, no Spanish kitchen would be complete without a tall bottle of olive oil.


 Spain is also home to sherry vinegar, one of the great vinegars of the world. It is a country famed for its wines, so as you would expect it also has some excellent wine vinegars!The average Spaniard consumes between 1.4 and 2 liters of vinegar a year; on salads, in typical dishes such as gazpacho, in the huge variety of Spanish pickled vegetables, and as an aromatic element in both traditional and avant-garde cuisine.

Artisan produced and vibrant in flavor, these are some of the best olive oils and vinegars you will ever try.

A Palate's Delight - Olive Oil
Txanton Olive Oil Brands

This olive oil is produced by the famous Riojan winemakers, Bodegas Roda, on their own estates in Manacor, Mallorca. It is made with 100% Arbequina olives, more normally associated with Catalonia.



Oro Del Desierto is a family-owned and operated business placed in the Tabernas (Almeria) and is one of the top 10 olive oils in the world. With a good management and cold press production in less than 8 hours since the olives are harvested, they obtain their organic single estate olive oil which has been internationally awarded more than 90 times.    

Torello | Txanton Olive Oil

ACEITE DE OLIVA by TORELLO Delicate & ecological Olive Oil is made from old Arbequina and Sabatera olive trees grown at the magnificent Can Marti estate across the vineyards & woods surrounding San Sadurni d’Anoia.


Produced by Cavas Torello, the olive oil is extracted taking only the first part of the pressing, thus giving a superior category oil with a delicate & fruity flavor.    

Torello Arbequina y Sabatera | Txanton Olive Oil


Herdade do Mouchão

Mouchao is a run by the descendants of the first family who has generation of skilled workers with them.

The cellar is rooted in Portugal where Herdade do Mouchão has families with accommodation and guaranteed work.

Herdade do Mouchão Galega Olive Oil



Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm planted their first vines planted in the 1980’s and have quickly risen to become an industry leader at creating traditional artisan vinegar’s. Located 3km’s from the Mediterranean Sea at Pla de Mar, Spain where the beautiful climate helps grapes mature quickly while producing this high quality vinegar.

Txanton Cold Cuts
Splendid Foods

Splendid foods offers quality Spanish sausages with different varieties of style and characteristics that ranges from traditional sausages, to additive-free, organic and gourmet versions among others.

Castro Y Gonzalez Cold Cuts | Txanton

Castro y Gonzalez family aims to produce quality natural Iberian products from the natural environment. Each specimen pigs grow and develop in their meadow ("dehesa" in Spanish) which makes them the best. Castro y Gonzalez makes sure that their priority is the sustainable development of nature.

Belloterra Crianza Iberica Cold Cuts | Txanton

Belloterra's facilities are located in Añora, Cordoba where they put the utmost care in the environment while producing an authentic Iberian ham from their region.  Their Iberian pigs graze on only the best holm oak acorn which gives it the Los Pedroches sweet flavor characteristic.

Altanera Cold Cuts | Txanton

Altanera formerly known as "Altadehesa", this renamed company has continued to produce their quality products form Spain's western region - Extramadura.


While it is believed that the omans refined cheese making techniques and brought them to colonized regions such as Spain as early as 200 BC, cheese was most likely made in the Iberian Peninsula many centuries before Roman occupation. Due to the varying climates and terrains throughout Spain, each region in Spain made its own type of Spanish Cheese with available local ingredients. 

Spanish Cheese is commonly served in Tapas meals in Spain. may also be eaten by itself, in main dishes, with desserts or with accompaniments such as fresh bread, crackers, fresh fruits or membrillo (Spanish quince paste).





This equation may look look simple, but pairing wine with chocolate can be a tricky endeavour. Both wines and chocolates come in a large range of flavours and weights which makes pairing the right type of chocolate with the right type of wine, a precise science. 



Chocolate is the confectionery match to wine. Perhaps this is because the process of making chocolate is very similar to wine. Both cocoa beans and wine are fermented with the very same type of yeast. No wonder there are so many wine and chocolate lovers!

Txanton Wine Chocolates

Txanton not only offers Jamon and Wines but also bring you special wine chocolates! These are specially crafted with the best ingredients and their own special twists. It's not your average chocolate bars. These are Txanton wine chocolate bars. Available in our online store for delivery or pick-up.


Txanton, in partnership with CMBV Confectionaires Co., has created a selection of incomparably decadent treats.  The Vintage Wine Chocolates became our signature offering, each kind  infused with nine very special wines.  

Txanton Vintage Wine Chocolates



While traditional chocolates are rolled and formed, it was a logical next step for us to pair our chocolates with the bounty of fine wines from our collection. We found that some of our selected fine wines best matched the chocolates and on top of that, intricately concocted and making use of the following interesting flavor combinations: Josmeyer Gran Cru Hengst 2005, Joseph Drouhin Chassagne-Montrachet 2015,  Pazo Señorans Selección de Añada 2009, Château d'Yquem 2001, Vega Sicilia Unico 2005, Dominus 2004, Clarendon Hills Astralis 2003, Domaine des Perdrix NSG 2005 and Achaval-Ferrer Finca Mirador Malbec 2005.

Jolonch Xocolata | Txanton

The name Jolonch, from Peraloma, has been linked to the chocolate firm since 1770 and is the oldest chocolate factory in Agramunt. Almost two and a half centuries later, Xocolata Jolonch is still standing, and the hands that make it continue to do so with the same  dedication as before, taking care of every detail so as not to lose the quality of yesteryear, when its founders imported the cocoa seeds of the distant Equatorial Guinea and were ground on a stone (hence the name). Today, the raw materials come from different sources and its composition does not contain artifices: flour, cocoa, and sugar.    



Passion for nougats.

Vicens is a brand specialized in artisanal nougats, or how they are known in Spain, torrons. 

Torrons Vicens Natura | Txanton

For this purpose, the chocolate firm has allied with Chef Albert Adria to create new exotic and  extravagant chocolate flavours that break the linearity of the traditional chocolate to Jolonch stone and are stamped the seal of innovation, craftsmanship, and creativity that always accompanies the surname, Adria. It is an expression of combined knowledge to create the Natura Line.     


Rabitos Royale creates chocolate bonbons filled with only the selected best dried figs. It all started from a small family business where the husband and wife thought to mix dry figs wix chocolate. Now, they have explored more varieties of chocolates and infusions which make the bonbons so delightful.

Canned seafood from Txanton

Spain has a long tradition of carefully preserving shellfish and other seafood in cans,  thanks in part to the country's affinity for seafood, as Spaniards consume more than 50 lbs. worth per person annually. In fact the canned version is often seen as even more exquisite than freshly cooked clams, mussels or chipirones. 

Txanton Canned Seafood Brands
Codesa Anchoas

Codesa's "bocarte" or anchovies are captured in cantabria sea. In less than 8 hours from the time it was been, caught it would be cured in a salt for an average time of one year in the celler.

The "fileteras cantabras" do the filtration and an ensuring quality control that keep the production at its best possible level.

la brujula.png

La Brujula conservas is regarded as one of the finest preserved sea foods in the world. They produce the highest quality conservas for 50 years. Collected at peak season, handled and processed by local women in local villages of Galicia, Spain.


The Spanish preserves industry is one of the best in the world and its tradition dates back to the coastal factories that made garum in Roman times. Spain’s plentiful vegetable and fruit crops traditionally supplied a wealth of products needing preservation so that they could be consumed year-round. With the invention of canning and sterilization systems in the 19th century, small-scale, family-run businesses developed, forming the backbone of what were to become large vegetable processing companies. These have now existed for decades and are mostly located in the areas where the products are grown.

Txanton Veggies and Spreads Brands
Txanton Homemade Spreads

Here at Txanton, we love gourmet!

Indulge yourself in Txanton Homemade special spreads, jams and pickles passionately made by our culinary team. Only made with the best quality ingredients. 

El Navarrico Spreads and Vegetables

El Navarrico is based in San Adrian, Navarra, one of the most fertile regions in Spain, they’re a specialist processor of pulses, vegetables and fruit. A family business run by Jose Salcedo, the company produces Brindisa’s range of jarred pulses, artichokes, asparagus and piquillo peppers. Each package is unique, and is treated as an exclusive piece of high quality.



Priorat Natur was born out of understanding life that is connected to the seasons and how they affect vegetation. They continued on the family tradition of preserving olives and nuts and reintroduced them to the world.

Spanish Legumes Txanton

Legumes—dried beans, peas and lentils—are a mainstay of Spanish cooking.  Spain is a country that has some of the most valuable varieties of legumes in the world. All carefully harvested and dried to perfection, they are the best you can get in Spain - or anywhere.

Since 1970, Legumbres El Maragato has been dedicated to selecting and packing the most tender and tasty legumes of León.

They are the premier source of artisan quality beans in Spain. 

Txanton Caviar
Txanton Caviar
Txanton Caviar in Cans - Triple Zero Beluga Caviar


Beluga caviar is the most appreciated and expensive of all varieties of caviar. Traditionally, Beluga caviar was graded by the size and color using zeros hand marked upon the tin to best identify the contents. A "000" marking was to refer to the lightest color and the largest sized Beluga caviar. A "0" grading would then refer to the darkest in color and smallest eggs. The rarest harvest was that of the "000" designation.


It is the most famous and exclusive of all caviar, valued by foodies around the world.

Despite the grading of the varying size and color, the Caspian Beluga caviar pearls are generally the most delicate of all sturgeon caviar, presenting a very mild and very buttery elegant flavored caviar possessing a light finish.

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