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Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon 500ml

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Elaborated out of high quality wines from the variety Cabernet Sauvignon and artisan acidification, this bitter-sweet with more than 8 years of “solera”, will mark a reference for lovers of the best gastronomy.

The result is a great vinegar ideal for day by day use in the kitchen, for salads, sauces, fruits, ice cream, desserts, etc. Perfect to reduce to a simmer.

Origin: Penedès, Barcelona, Spain
Brand: Avgvstvs Forvm
Format: 500 mL

Forvm Merlot is known and used by well renowned chefs including 3 Michellin star chefs!

A few to mention:
Chef Paco Perez (5 Michellin Stars)

Chef Gordon Ramsay (3 Michellin Stars)

Chef Johnny Iuzzini

Chef Peter Gordons

Chef Jose Andres

Forvm products were also used in Shows such as Netflix UK (Chef's Table) and MasterChef Australia Semifinal

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