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What Kind of Wine Drinker Are You?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Wine makes for a happy juice for all situations, especially in this pandemic. Wine in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world is like that spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down in a most delightful way.

Sure, you can pour whiskey in your morning coffee, but hard drinks are more for nightcaps. If you want something to perk you up without incapacitating your thinking processes, you got to choose wine.

Down a glass or two of your favorite spirit while in your kitchen, virtual office meeting, writing your next blog post, or in front of the TV—wine can be your all-time, go-to drink. You don’t even have to concern yourself with which bottle to pop open, especially if you can identify yourself from among the several types of wine drinkers out there.

In case you’re still unsure of your wine drinker persona, though, this infographic should be worth your time—and a toast.

Different kind of wine drinker
What kind of wine drinker are you

The 10 Types of Wine Drinker

1. The Wine Newbie

Another term for this bunch is the “Sweet Tooth Drinker.” This wine drinker loves sweet wines, like the Pink Moscato.

In a study of wine types or “vinotypes,” the pairings of white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat are thrown out the window. What scientists are telling us now is to follow our taste buds. So wine newbies are the ones who are likely to go pink and sweet all the way.

2. The Wine Tourist

Having been on a wine tour makes this wine drinker open to exciting food, like caviar, while enjoying the different flavors and textures of wines being sampled.

Dining and drinking with a wine tourist will make you feel like you went where they did, as they give you a taste of the food, wine, and enriching travel experiences they’ve had.

3. The Hopeless Romantic

We may see them as hopeless, but in their mind, they are full of faith that in this cynical world. They believe that there might still be a person out there who would care for them deeply and selflessly.

So even though love has failed them many times, they still cling to the notion of true love—especially as they’re sipping wine, not some cheap bottle of the hardest drink bought from the nearby convenience store.

4. The Health Freak

Some 20 years back, researchers published a study that found that Italian men who drank wine tended to live longer than those who drank predominantly other types of alcoholic beverages. Resveratrol, a natural chemical in red wine, has been touted as the key to the fountain of youth.

Although studies on red wine and longevity offer conflicting findings, what seems to be the case is that red wine drinkers are mostly health-conscious individuals. This drive to eat and drink healthily interplay so well in the body, leading to better nutrition overall and a generally happier and longer lifespan.

The caveat, though, is to drink in moderation. It wouldn’t be healthy if you didn’t.

5. The Influencer

Armed with a selfie stick (or a drone, perhaps) and possessing master-level video editing skills and an urge to commune with the global denizens, the influencer is a cultured wine tourist. He/She has made it his/her mission in life to learn more about wines by dabbling in different wine cultures and sharing it with the world.

In this new normal, the influencer wine drinkers can still do what they love—travel and connect with as many people as they possibly can. Doing that with wine just makes it way better.

6. The Cheese Lover

Wine and cheese are both fermented products, reinforcing the good microorganisms in the tummy. Cheese-loving wine drinkers can enjoy the complex flavors of red wine paired with these dairy favorites, which, by the way, pair nicely with everyday sugary wines, as well.

Wine is such a good partner to cheese because it can dissolve the cheese coating on your tongue and help you enjoy the next bite of cheese or whatever food you have on your plate more. This is probably why wine is a great drink while dining.

7. The Refined Caveman

With an insatiable need for the great outdoors and the exquisite dining experience of a Michelin-star restaurant, this caveman of a wine drinker knows how to survive in the jungle using the steak-cooking savvy and wine-drinking finesse of Chef Gordon Ramsay.

8. “The World Is Red” Drinker

The best wine flavors are the complex ones driven by the most serious of red wines. These have been aged in barrels to take out the strong aftertaste of tannins but leave just a tinge of that nutty smell to help appreciate wine variety.

When you see the world as a red wine drinker does, it means you take your wines very seriously. Just the smell of these wines is intense on the nose, and it does take an experienced wine drinker to appreciate the process it went through—from planting on highlands to the passing on of tradition and the aging of grapes in barrels.

Far from being snobs, these wine drinkers simply have developed their taste in wine and know exactly what they want out of life.

9. Refreshing: Bubbles, Whites, or Rose Wines

White wines are typically rich, smooth, and pleasant on the nose. No wonder that this is considered by most when it comes to happy drinking. It gives the right amount of tipsy to make you joyful, but not so much that you look like a mess when you wake up in the morning.

10. Loyal Label Drinker

The ones with a firm resolve about their kind of wine, usually going for the same brand year in and year out. They are more than likely the type who only want the best of everything. Quality is at the top of their list. More often than not, these are experts in their field who are always busy, and so, they put their faith in a wine that they feel is most acceptable among their circle.

Cheers to Wine Drinking

Whether you are new to wines, are a collector of exquisite reds, or prefer drinking wine indoors, outdoors, or in a video for the world to see, wine drinking is a life experience that anyone can enjoy.

So, go ahead, discover Txanton’s collection of wines for that one wine that best suits your personality and lifestyle.

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