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Wine Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don'ts When Dining at a Restaurant

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

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Wine etiquette dos and dont's

Whether you're out on a date, celebrating a special occasion with your family, or out with clients at a business meal, knowing how to order a bottle of wine can instantly impress the people you're dining with. Of course, it takes more than knowing a brand of wine to look polished. In social settings like dining at an upscale restaurant, it's important to know proper wine etiquette.

Just like any other passion or hobby, learning about proper wine behavior has several benefits regardless if you're a new drinker or a seasoned wine enthusiast. Below are some of the advantages of knowing your way around wine that makes it an exciting experience:

  • Instantly impress your family, friends, colleagues, or date.

  • Enrich and make your dining experience more comfortable.

  • Proper pairing and exploration of flavors develop your senses—a good starter for exciting conversations!

Enjoy wine in the company of others confidently with proper wine etiquette. Here's a handy infographic detailing the dos and don'ts of handling wine when dining at a restaurant.

Wine etiquette dos and dont's